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Untuk memeriahkan debut NCT 127, NCTFFI membuat mini event yang akan diikuti para staf di sini. Seperti apa mini event kali ini? Yaitu staf diminta untuk membuat drabble berdasarkan song prompts yang telah disediakan.


  • Prompt tersirat (tidak ditulis kembali dalam cerita).
  • Length kisaran 100 words (drabble).
  • Main cast wajib member NCT, diutamakan menggunakan cast secara rata (tidak melulu satu orang itu). Support cast dibebaskan.
  • Genre bebas, genre minor diutamakan.

Aturan Pembuatan:

  • Satu prompt untuk satu drabble. Satu staf bebas untuk membuat sebanyak mungkin drabble.
  • Tagging prompt sebelum dibuat, bisa tag di kolom komentar atau di gc NCTFFI.
  • Tiap hari wajib posting minimal satu projek. Satu staf maksimal satu projek per hari. Jadi sehari bisa saja ada lebih dari satu postingan 127 Project namun beda staf pembuat (maksimal lima fics per hari).
  • Staf hanya boleh men-tag satu prompt untuk langsung dibuat. Tidak diperkenankan men-tag sekaligus banyak (lebih dari satu). Selesaikan dulu prompt yang dipilih baru boleh tag prompt yang lain.
  • Draft post untuk nantinya akan dijadwal oleh admin.

Berikut daftar prompt yang tersedia:


1. Where are you looking at?

2. Let’s make a fire

3. It’s full of dissatisfaction

4. After burning we get it all clear

5. Feeling the vibe?

6. One step, two steps

7. Tonight, you and I will fall in here

8. You can call me

9. Shout out loud

10. At the moment of the peak

11. What?

12. Be anywhere, everywhere

13. It’s like a little playing with fire

14. Just blink for me

15. I’ll cool your anger down

16. Just hold up

17. Just ten seconds left till it explodes

18. Turn it up to the maximum volume

19. Just as you feel



20. As if broken, the falling light

21. The sun that shines on us

22. Ride the waves and go!

23. The sound that could be heard

24. Be compared to that one dream

25. Stepping on it with two feet

26. Compared to the pretty sea

27. Holding on to your small hand

28. Dreaming of the same dream

29. A heart fluttering crammed

30. Those clouds that are concealed

31. Under that mysterious blue night

32. Descending into your two eyes 

33. Do you want to leave together?

34. In our memories still lingering that tender song

35. To you I’m running

36. Riding on the fluttering wind

37. Just the two of us listening to the sound of the waves



38. Like a maze without an answer

39. Shattered violently

40. An endless night in this memory

41. Follow that path unconsciously

42. Wake up this world

43. The beat getting louder

44. This noise that shook you

45. An illusion that disappears

46. When you open your eyes

47. Everything gets connected

48. The moment to a new sense

49. A single world

50. Fell yourself in this deeper music

51. Right now

52. Wait a minute

53. Another you inside you

54. The end of this long tunnel

55. Your dream has penetrated – BaekMinJi93



56. These streets

57. Filled with all different sounds

58. Wave your hands

59. It’s all useless

60. Everything is the same

61. Something a little different

62. I try to hold you tightly

63. Even when I extend my hand

64. The darkness that’s rising

65. A new sense opens its eyes – Ayshry

66. I wish time would stop

67. Deepen your heart a bit more

68. The moment you can see your dreams

69. Rest for a moment

70. Stay up all night

71. My body rejects gravity

72. I’m still lacking

73. Can’t control my expression



74. We say hello

75. The summer that resembles you

76. Without words, I come beside you

77. To protect my place in yours

78. I wonder if you knew my heart

79. Without a way to avoid this rain

80. Affections which keep increasing

81. Especially for you

82. I will remember it

83. With you once again

84. It was really a hot summer

85. When I saw your eyes

86. Even if we broke up

87. People call it love, I be calling you

88. Unable to take shade from the sunlight

89. The stars are shinning too

90. As much as I’ve waiting

91. Confession to you



92. This luxurious fancy place

93. Guess what happens?

94. It always turns out to be empty

95. Still clenching a damn mic

96. Could this be possible?

97. Shame on you

98. To all those suffering

99. In the fantasy that I write

100. I’m like a T-Rex

101. Why not just all go mad?

102. Until others think we’re crazy

103. I’m quiet chemical

104. It’s about our chemistry that never stops

105. Through my deep blood

106. Never gonna let it fade

107. Can’t you just see why?

108. People tell me to calm down

109. This is a playground



110. Isn’t it a bit dark?

 111. Will you go to the end of this maze with me?

112. Even if I go beyond

113. It’s a never ending sail

114. My dream is coming closer

115. My own map

116. The first glance of a stranger

117. At the end that you can see

118. The moment our eyes meet

119. Little by little

120. The difficult things pass

121. It’s getting further away

122. That place I want to reach

123. What will I see?

124. I feel good

125. Tangled roads – IRISH

126. Fulfill my dream

127. There in the distance

Warna merah: sudah di-tag

Dicoret: sudah di-post

Silahkan bertanya jika ada yang kurang dimengerti.



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