[INTRO] aurora


Ais  –  June 01, 2000  –  INFP/T  –  Feminist

Book, myth, and history enthusiast. Hogwarts’ Divergent (Slytherin-ish Ravenclaw with a strike of Hufflepuff heart, and Gryffindor boyfriend).

Who do I like in NCT? Well… all of them? LOL. But let’s just say this: Mark and Jeno, I still can’t decide who’s on the top of the list, both are my Achilles-heel. Next are Jaemin and Taeil. Plus my little baby bro Jisung. And of course I have a soft spot for this sophisticated human-being Lee Taeyong. Damn these Korean boys always got their way to me.

Blog  ∙  ASK.fm  ∙  Tumblr

Do tell me if we share anything in common.




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