[127] Remember


Angelina Triaf ©2016 Present


Johnny Seo (NCT) | Hurt | G | Drabble

“Deepen your heart a bit more.”


I still can’t believe that we’re dancing under this starry night. Like the world and those who adore the heaven, with a magic spoon of love. Sometimes, when I close my eyes and thinking about everything in my life, I found you staring at me. Whispering the wind, get love really fast.


“John, masih ingat rasanya memijak pasir ini lima tahun lalu?”


And I want ask you the same questions, dear.


Still you remember the way to love me in five years ago? Even until now?


“Tentu aku ingat.”


Cause I still can’t love you like the way you do, even though I’ve tried to deepen my heart more.



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