[Ficlet-Mix] Pengakuan Dosa

Angelina Triaf ©2017 Present

Pengakuan Dosa

Starring: Saranghae Squad

Friendship, Fluff, Teen | T | Ficlets

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[Ficlet] Karma

Story by Mingi Kumiko

♠ NCT’s Taeyong & Jisung, SVT’s Joshua ♠ Slice of life, Angst, School Life ♠ General ♠

Maafkan aku, Jisung… ini semua memang salah ayah hingga kau jadi seperti ini.

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[Mystic in Europe] Hide and Seek


Hide and Seek

By Lollilachan

Casts: Kun, Jaemin, Mark, Jisung, Taeyong, Ten | Friendship, AU!, Creepy, Mystery, Thriller  | PG-13 | Vignette | Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire


“There’s only one rule that you have to follow before reading this. Make sure you’re reading at night.

 For you who plays hide and seek at midnight and walks alone at the funeral.”


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[Ficlet] Kid in Love

Kid in Love

[NCT] Park Jisung x [SR16G] Kim Sungkyung/Lami

Slight! [NCT] Zhong Chenle, [Produce 101 S2 Trainee] Samuel Kim a.k.a Punch

Mentioned! [Produce 101 S2 Trainee] Park Jihoon

School-life, Romance, Friendship, Sad

Rate : T || Length : Ficlet

I just own the plot & story




babyneukdae_61 storyline

If this is what it’s like falling in love, then I don’t ever wanna grow up

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