[Vignette] Frost Painful


Frost Painful

Written by AirlyAeri © 2018202

Starring by Qian Kun [NCT’s], Emerald Lee [OC], Kim Doyoung [NCT’s]

Genre : Romance, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort | Rating : General | Length : Vignette (1077 words)


“Jadi untuk kali ini saja, berbagilah denganku.”

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[Vignette] A Short Journey


A Short Journey

Written by AirlyAeri © 20171003

Starring by Kim Doyoung [NCT’s] – Emerald Lee [OC] – slight! Qian Kun [NCT’s]

Genre : Romance, Fluff | Rating : General | Length : Vignette (1079ws)

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“Aku hanya mengeskpresikan perasaanku saat ini padamu. Aku merindukanmu.”Read More »

[Drabble-Mix] Rozen voor U

Rozen voor u

[NCT] Qian Kun, Moon Taeil, Huang Renjun, Mark Lee

[OC] Emerald Lee, Han Jisun, Alexis Yang, Jane Jung

4 drabbles rated in T

School life, College-life, Romance, Slice of Life




All artist cast belong to themselves, all original casts belong to their owners. I only own the plot and story

Thanks to Airlyaeri, thehunlulu & Jane Doe for allowing me to use their OCs in my fanfiction ^^

babyneukdae_61 storyline

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[Mix Party] Don’t Recall

Don’t Recall

[NCT] Qian Kun, Mark Lee, Lee Taeyong, Jung Jaehyun & Na Jaemin

[OCs] Emerald Lee, Jane Jung, Park Cheonsa, Go Sikyeong & Cher

Slight! [NCT] Kim Doyoung, Huang Renjun, [Red Velvet] Park Sooyoung

College-life, School-life, Romance, Hurt, Comfort, Songfic, Action, Crime

Rate : T || Length : 5 Ficlets

I just own the plot & story



babyneukdae_61 storyline

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