[Vignette] Frost Painful


Frost Painful

Written by AirlyAeri © 2018202

Starring by Qian Kun [NCT’s], Emerald Lee [OC], Kim Doyoung [NCT’s]

Genre : Romance, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort | Rating : General | Length : Vignette (1077 words)


“Jadi untuk kali ini saja, berbagilah denganku.”

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[Vignette] A Short Journey


A Short Journey

Written by AirlyAeri © 20171003

Starring by Kim Doyoung [NCT’s] – Emerald Lee [OC] – slight! Qian Kun [NCT’s]

Genre : Romance, Fluff | Rating : General | Length : Vignette (1079ws)

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[Drabble-Mix] Rozen voor U

Rozen voor u

[NCT] Qian Kun, Moon Taeil, Huang Renjun, Mark Lee

[OC] Emerald Lee, Han Jisun, Alexis Yang, Jane Jung

4 drabbles rated in T

School life, College-life, Romance, Slice of Life




All artist cast belong to themselves, all original casts belong to their owners. I only own the plot and story

Thanks to Airlyaeri, thehunlulu & Jane Doe for allowing me to use their OCs in my fanfiction ^^

babyneukdae_61 storyline

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[Mystic in Europe] Hide and Seek


Hide and Seek

By Lollilachan

Casts: Kun, Jaemin, Mark, Jisung, Taeyong, Ten | Friendship, AU!, Creepy, Mystery, Thriller  | PG-13 | Vignette | Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire


“There’s only one rule that you have to follow before reading this. Make sure you’re reading at night.

 For you who plays hide and seek at midnight and walks alone at the funeral.”


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[Mix Party] Don’t Recall

Don’t Recall

[NCT] Qian Kun, Mark Lee, Lee Taeyong, Jung Jaehyun & Na Jaemin

[OCs] Emerald Lee, Jane Jung, Park Cheonsa, Go Sikyeong & Cher

Slight! [NCT] Kim Doyoung, Huang Renjun, [Red Velvet] Park Sooyoung

College-life, School-life, Romance, Hurt, Comfort, Songfic, Action, Crime

Rate : T || Length : 5 Ficlets

I just own the plot & story



babyneukdae_61 storyline

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