[Mystic in Europe] Hide and Seek


Hide and Seek

By Lollilachan

Casts: Kun, Jaemin, Mark, Jisung, Taeyong, Ten | Friendship, AU!, Creepy, Mystery, Thriller  | PG-13 | Vignette | Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire


“There’s only one rule that you have to follow before reading this. Make sure you’re reading at night.

 For you who plays hide and seek at midnight and walks alone at the funeral.”


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[NCTFFI Freelance] Zodiac Love Story #Pisces (Series)


Zodiak Love Story



Author :: Rijiyo

Cast :: [NCT’s] Ten Chittapon as Ten & [OC’s]    Pameela Lee

Sub Cast : [NCT’s] Nakamoto Yuta, [NCT’s] Seo Johnny, [NCT’s] Kim Do Young, [NCT’s] Ji Han Sol, [NCT’s] Lee Tae Yong

Genre :: Comedy, Romance

Length :: Oneshot

Rating :: Teen


“….Want a love story like in the novel? Pisces expert in that.” – Piscesan


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